i’m seeing more and more people discussing the idea of a cbdc(central bank digital currency), and i always feel astonished because of the amount of people that do not understand how seriously cbdcs are simply the worst possible future for our financial system, it is really not hard to see the gigantic unavoidable problems with it, so in this post i will try to make clear what a cbdc will most likely enable in the future if we don’t actively condemn even the slightest idea of it

in 2014, china decided they would start the development of what would be known as “the digital yuan”, this would be the country’s official cbdc, as of now they’ve been actively pushing for it’s adoption by it’s citizens, fortunately without much success with almost half the country still not using it. now, it is very well known that china is one of world’s most technologically advanced coutries, but that is not the only reason they are doing this… china also has a totalitarian government, which means: “a system of government in which the people have virtually no authority and the state wields absolute control

it is actually very easy to see the relation here right ?! a cbdc, as defined by the us federal reserve, is “a digital liability of a central bank that is widely available to the general public”, so it is basically physical money, but digital… in the case of the “digital yuan” the ‘central bank’ is the pboc(people’s bank of china) which holds complete and total control over the currency. despite the quite obvious benefits of having our money completely digital, such as, for example, much faster and cheaper payments, the downsides far outweigh them. the central bank that issues the digital currency has massive power of surveillance and total control over everyone’s finances, being able to watch, freeze and burn all your money in a matter of seconds in case they see you as a problem for any reason, the moment a system like this is implemented somewhere, a totalitarian government is automatically also implemented there, every single politician in every single country that do not condemn the cbdc idea is a threat to the the freedom of the people in that country

if you want the benefits of using a digital currency you can already have them, already accepted in many places you can use bitcoin, dogecoin, or even better, monero, a true decentralized and private digital currency designed to protect both parties in every transaction without ever relinquishing control over your money and disclosing your identity to any government or person! as you can see, cryptocurrencies that already exist are a much better solution for the future of our financial system than any cbdc ever will be, everyone has to understand that a digital currency issued by a central bank is only a means for mass surveillance and control! not anything else! if any government truly wants the benefits of digital currency they can follow the example of el salvador’s president and adopt a cryptocurrency that already exists, but they won’t just do that, because they want control, that’s what it is all about, not inovation, not technology, not to just make people’s life easier and better, but control, plain and simple

it stands before us a very, very dark, future where every single monetary transaction will be watched and stored in a server owned by the government… the institutions that were created to serve the people will have the people serve them in any ways they want and the day you don’t comply you won’t have money to feed yourself and your family when the night comes… i truly hope i’m wrong, but i may be very well right and that scares the shit out of me… the only thing i know for sure is that there’s still time, there’s time to fight against this nightmarish future! if we stand strong together against this attack on freedom they won’t be able to make it happen! it is the only way to ensure this future will never come to be